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Service and Support

At Superman, we offer the most considerate services to keep your SPM down-the-hole drilling tools running smoothly and efficiently. Whatever quality problems you find during use of our DTH equipment and drilling accessories, we will provide the optimum solutions to minimize your cost.

  • Services

    DTH hammers and bits are consumable drilling tools. Proper maintenance and servicing in a timely fashion can prolong their service life and considerably reduce operating costs. When facing performance degradation caused by wear of outer sleeve or inner parts, the hammer only needs maintenance in most instances. If some functions of the hammer can not work, you need to disassemble it and inspect all the parts to see which parts should be replaced, repaired or wasted. If performance goes bad due to the increase of clearance between parts, the cost optimal method to reduce the clearance is to change the parts.

  • Technical Support

    Operation and Maintenance
    1. The top sub of our down-the-hole hammer comes with right-hand thread, so does the drill string. Please keep the hammer rotating right during drilling.
    2. When drilling a hole on the ground, you should use the minimum impact and propulsion force to enable the drill bit to stably drill into the formation.
    3. It is of great importance for the propulsion force to match with the weight of DTH drilling tool. The propulsion force has to change with the drilling tool weight.
    4. The rotation speed of DTH drilling hammer is determined by drilling hole diameter, rock hardness, drilling frequency and other factors.