DTH hammers and bits are consumable drilling tools. Proper maintenance and servicing in a timely fashion can prolong their service life and considerably reduce operating costs. When facing performance degradation caused by wear of outer sleeve or inner parts, the hammer only needs maintenance in most instances. If some functions of the hammer can not work, you need to disassemble it and inspect all the parts to see which parts should be replaced, repaired or wasted. If performance goes bad due to the increase of clearance between parts, the cost optimal method to reduce the clearance is to change the parts.

If you want to order products or need maintenance of parts, please list the name and number of each part according to the assembly diagram that we offer. To save time, please send all your orders to us by E-mail. Our foreign sales will contact you as soon as possible to confirm product name, order quantity and specifications, as well as prices and transportation methods. Then, you can get the products in the shortest time.

Principles of Handling the Quality Problems of DTH Drilling Tools
1. 100% Compensation
a. Drill bits are fractured when they are used for a time that is less than the half of their service life.
b. When the DTH hammer is used for drilling hard rocks and the abrasion width of peripheral inserts on the drill bits is less than or equal to the 30% of side insert diameter, there are 2 or more non-neighboring peripheral inserts dropped out, broken or the drill bits are found partially broken.

2. Compensation in Proportion
Under normal operation, drill bit head O.D., strike face, spline and peripheral inserts have medium degree wear, resulting in problems like shank break, inserts break or loss of over 2 inserts. According to actual wear extent, compensation is offered in proportion.

a. As the wear widths of peripheral inserts are larger than 30% and less than 60% of their diameters;
b. As the depth of strike face is larger than 50% and less than 100% of prescribed service life;
c. As the wear widths of splines are larger than 50% and less than 100% of prescribed service life;
d. As the wear of drill bit head is larger than 50% and less than 100% of prescribed service life;
e. As the four situations mentioned above exist side by side, count according to the failure that is closest to the end of service life.

3. No Compensation
Claim for compensation is not accepted for any failure resulted from any following reason.
a. Drilling abnormal formations such as pebble formation, fracture formation, reinforced concrete formation, etc.;
b. Some faults such as shank break, spline loss, insert break and insert loss occur in that the drill bits have been excessively worn to reach or exceed the regulated service life;
c. Shank break, spline loss, insert break, insert loss, etc. occur as wear of drill bit head or depth of strike face reach or exceed regulated lifespan;
d. Any failure that occurs when spline wear reaches or exceeds its regulated service life;
e. As peripheral wear of drill bit or face wear is up to or beyond the regulated service life;
f. Ream drilling results in loss and break of inserts;
g. Users carry out modification at any part of the bit

1) Limestone: There are rock-soil layer and many fractures in limestone formation. It is not hard and contains no quartz sand. As used for a long time in this formation, drill bits will be slightly worn. When encountering many factures, however, they will inevitably suffer from break or loss of inserts or other faults due to fatigue. This is normal abandonment.
2) Decomposed Rock or Coal Mine: These two kinds of rock hardly wear the alloy inserts and only wear the steel body slightly. It is normal that there are spline loss, insert break, shank break and other phenomena due to drill bits fatigue after excessive drilling.
3) Very Hard Iron Ore with Large Resistance to Drilling: It will stop the drill tool from drilling down. In this case, you should adjust the diameters of drill hole timely, or the drill bits will be worn to result in some problems such as spline loss, insert break, shank break, etc. This phenomenon is due to incorrect operation.

4. Abnormal Phenomena
1) If abnormal condition starts to occur during your use of drill bits in batches (abnormal damage occurs when 2-3 drill bits are used), please contact us in time and stop using other products. We will deal with the problem as soon as possible. If you continue to use rather than contact us, we will not accept the claim for compensation.
2) When the service life of drill bits is less than 25% of their normal service life under normal operation, please return to the factory for maintenance.

5. Problem Handling Procedure
1) If above-mentioned problems take place, please retain the drill bits out of operation and send them back to us. After receiving the products, we will give response quickly according to the principle.
2) For other controversies, we give handling solution based on mutual agreement.