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    1. Low Pressure DTH Hammer Based on the up to date rock drilling design principle, the DTH drilling equipment features the most reasonable internal structure and size which enable ideal energy transmission, with large single impact energy, high efficiency and less air consumption.
    1. Medium Pressure DTH Hammer Depending on the most premium quality raw materials and the best-in-class processing technology, the down-the-hole drilling tool is featured by more stable performance and longer service life.
    1. High Pressure DTH Hammer This kind of DTH hammer is designed with a powerful blowing system which makes full use of the high pressure air to blow rock dust and slag out of the hole so as to make the hole bottom clean.
    1. High Efficiency High Pressure DTH Hammer Manufactured using the domestic most up to date thermal treating process, the high efficiency high pressure DTH hammer comes with excellent mechanical properties.
    1. High Pressure DTH Hammer, S Series The well drilling equipment comes with larger power of single impact, thus ensuring faster penetration. As compared with other fast hammers, it features 10% higher drilling efficiency.
    1. Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer The reverse circulation DTH hammer provides large impact energy and high energy transfer efficiency while ensuring low energy consumption.
    1. Low and Medium Pressure DTH Drill Bit Our DTH button bits provide the benefits that you expect including high efficiency, low failure rate and long service life as well as high toughness for handling hard and abrasive rocks.
    1. High Pressure DTH Drill Bit Here show the wide range of DTH drill bits that Superman supplies with concave, convex and flat face designs, and mostly spherical buttons for high pressure and high efficiency DTH hammers.
    1. Reverse Circulation DTH Drill Bit As a prominent RC drilling solution provider, we are proud to offer a wide selection of RC hammers and RC hammer bits. Specifications of our reverse circulation DTH drill bits are shown below. Check it now and contact us if you are interested.
    1. SPM top hammer drill bits are specially designed for hard to very hard and highly abrasive rock formations. The tophammer drilling tools present a fast penetration as well as long service life.
    1. The drilling system comes with an eccentric bit design which ensures less material cost as compared with concentric design, and reduces oil consumption of air compressor.