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Technical Support

Operation and Maintenance
1. The top sub of our down-the-hole hammer comes with right-hand thread, so does the drill string. Please keep the hammer rotating right during drilling.
2. When drilling a hole on the ground, you should use the minimum impact and propulsion force to enable the drill bit to stably drill into the formation.
3. It is of great importance for the propulsion force to match with the weight of DTH drilling tool. The propulsion force has to change with the drilling tool weight.
4. The rotation speed of DTH drilling hammer is determined by drilling hole diameter, rock hardness, drilling frequency and other factors.

5. Rock flakes and cavity may result in jamming of drilling tool. Therefore, it is necessary to blow the waste clear of the hole.
6. To prevent rock debris and other impurities falling into the DTH hammer during its connection to drill pipe, please cover up the thread end.
7. Proper lubrication for the hammer can never be neglected. Otherwise, it will speed up the hammer’s wear and even lead to damage.

Trouble Shooting:
Fault 1: Insufficient or no lubrication results in premature wear or damage.
Cause: Lubricating oil can not reach the impact unit of DTH hammer.
Solution: Check the lubrication system and infuse lubricating oil from the top of hammer or increase the oil content in compressed air.
Fault 2: The hammer doesn’t work or work in an abnormal way

1) Air circuit is blocked;
2) The gap between piston and inner and outer cylinders, and gap between piston and air distributor are too large;
3) Hammer is jammed by rock flakes and rust;
4) Piston or tail pipe is fractured

1) Examine air pressure and check whether the air circuit is unblocked;
2) Disassemble the hammer and replace worn parts;
3) Disassemble the hammer and wash all inner parts;
4) Disassemble the hammer and replace piston or hammer bit

Fault 3: Drill bit and chuck fall off
Cause: Hammer does not rotate right during drilling
Solution: Hook up the parts that fell off and ensure that the down the hole hammer rotates right.

1. Under specified pressure and drilling diameter, the rotation speed, torque and axial load should follow the optimal matching. They vary with the kinds of actual formation and rocks.
2. In the metal mine, the finer particle and larger proportion the ore has, the higher toughness it presents and the more easily the drill bit will be worn. For example, as ore grade is more than 50%, the drill bit of Φ150mm can only drill a depth of less than 20m.
3. For the users who use new drilling equipment, technical training should be gone through before real drilling work.
4. Our DTH drilling tools are not recommended to be used in not-easy-to-drill soil, scum, sand, gravel, pebble, fracture and reinforced concrete formations.
5. The life time of drill bits will decrease as they are used to drill horizontal or inclined holes.
6. The air pressure for low pressure DTH hammer is ≤0.8Mpa, and the air pressure for high pressure DTH hammer is ≤2.5Mpa.
7. For technical problems that are not mentioned here, please contact us.