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Product Applications

1. Waterwell Drilling Case
China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited built an artificial pasture in Ma’anshan city in Anhui province where it planned to raise 10,000 cows. Water well drillers using SPM DTH hammers and bits entered the modern pasture on January 5th, 2006, and by March 27th, the last water well was completed. In this waterwell drilling project, 4 bedrock wells are drilled, with total drilling depth up to 600m and drilling diameter of 150mm. The maximum water yield of a well is 300m3/day and the minimum yield is 150m3/day. Water quality is proven to reach the national drinking water standard. At present, 3 of wells have been put into use.

2. Reverse Circulation Combined Drilling Case
During the time from November 4th to December 14th, 2002, RC combined drilling process was used for production and application test in a gold mine in Inner Mongolia. Accumulated drilling depth was up to 320.7m and the final drill-hole depth was 300.8m.

3. Reverse Circulation DTH Drilling Technique, Applied in Exploration
Henan Sandaozhuang Yaowu Mine is one of the largest open-pit platinum mines in Asia. In this mining area, typically, complex formations that are hard for drilling and sampling are everywhere. However, using the reverse circulation DTH hammers that Superman developed, drilling in this area obtained excellent effect. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the reverse circulation DTH drilling method provides high drilling efficiency, high rock core recovery rate, extraordinary drilling quality, and can effectively handle the fracture and leak-off problems in drilling.

4. Overburden Drilling System for Shawan Hydropower Station
Our eccentric overburden drilling system was used for drilling drain holes in the Shawan Hydropower Station. 4 drain holes were drilled in this project. Total drilling depth into sandy gravel formation was up to 212m, with an efficiency of 8.7m per machine-team. It is nearly 3 times faster than conventional diamond drilling and offers a direct cost savings of 180m.

5. SPM DTH Drilling Tool used in Highway Construction