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Xuanhua Superman DTH Machinery Co., Ltd. is founded in 2002 to produce state of the art engineered DTH drilling tools for a variety of industries including Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas, Waterwell, Geothermal, Exploration, Transportation, Hydropower, Forestry, etc. Our extensive range of tools for down-the-hole drilling include high, medium, low pressure, high efficiency high pressure and reverse circulation DTH hammers, DTH drill bits, top hammer drill bits and overburden drilling tools.

Combining cutting-edge materials technology with sophisticated design, SPM series DTH tools provide high drilling efficiency, low fault and long service life. Even for very hard, highly abrasive and corrosive rock formations, they can realize efficient and cost saving drilling. Additionally, in virtue of stable quality, superior performance and exceptional reliability, they gain high popularity in domestic market and have been exported to many countries and areas around the world including Europe, Australia, Africa, Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Xuanhua district of Hebei province, China, Superman covers an area of over 7000 square meters. Since its inception in 2002, the company has realized a great leap in development. Now, we have formed a complete production system which carries out CNC machining for all parts and unique technical control for key processes, thus ensuring high quality and reliability of final products.

As a professional rock drilling solution provider, Superman is committed to the development of down-the-hole tools, with focus on customer demand, product reliability and technical innovation. Today, we pride ourselves on not only supplying customers with high quality DTH tools but helping them choose the optimum combination of tools, providing free training and leading to efficient and low cost drilling works.