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DTH Drill Bits

At Superman, as a specialist DTH drilling solution provider, we offer a comprehensive range of quality DTH drill bits for use in all rock types and drilling conditions. The drilling accessories are connected to a pneumatic hammer that is attached to the drill string of a driller for down the hole drilling applications.

    1. Low and Medium Pressure DTH Drill BitOur DTH button bits provide the benefits that you expect including high efficiency, low failure rate and long service life as well as high toughness for handling hard and abrasive rocks.
    1. High Pressure DTH Drill BitHere show the wide range of DTH drill bits that Superman supplies with concave, convex and flat face designs, and mostly spherical buttons for high pressure and high efficiency DTH hammers.
    1. Reverse Circulation DTH Drill BitAs a prominent RC drilling solution provider, we are proud to offer a wide selection of RC hammers and RC hammer bits. Specifications of our reverse circulation DTH drill bits are shown below. Check it now and contact us if you are interested.

Our SPM series DTH drill bits are featured by high rock drilling efficiency, stable property, strong wear resistance, long service life, great cost savings and simple structure for easy use and maintenance.

The DTH hammer bits are extensively used in mining, construction, water-well drilling, mineral exploration, geothermal drilling, subway engineering and many other industries and applications.

Choosing the right model of DTH bits makes for reduction of operating costs and improvement of productivity. Following instructions will help you to choose the right bit.
Drill Bits Head (Face Designs) Insert Shapes Applications
Convex bit with ballistic inserts or buttons is suitable for soft formations which can only resist a pressure of less than 1033.5bar, and come with good aggregation, identity and low corrosion of rock, such as soft limestone, argillite and killas.
Convex bit with domed inserts is suitable for medium soft formations with 1033.5~1722.5 bar pressure resistance. The rock features high aggregation and identity, such as hard limestone, granite, sandstone, diorite, schist and marble.
DTH drill bits with concave head designs are excellent for drilling medium soft and hard rock formations that a compressive strength of 1033.5~2067 bar. There can be cavities, faults, looseness and defects in the formations. During fast drilling, slots on the bit face offers convenience for rock flakes and rust removing. Such rocks include hard limestone, granite, sandstone, schist and marble.
The down-the-hole drill bits with flat face designs are great for medium hard and hard formations with more than 2067bar pressure resistance. Rocks should be aggregated while allowing some cavities and cracks, like granite and gabbro.