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DTH Hammers

A down-the-hole (DTH) hammer is a specialized drilling tool installed at the end of a drill string and other hammering equipment. Superman DTH hammer delivers powerful force to drill deeper holes. Known for high rotational torque and rotary speed, our DTH drilling tools offer the right lubrication, air pressure, and power to get the drilling work done. Faster hammering actions allow this drilling tool to handle hard rocks all while delivering the maximum drilling efficiency.

    1. Low Pressure DTH HammerBased on the up to date rock drilling design principle, the DTH drilling equipment features the most reasonable internal structure and size which enable ideal energy transmission, with large single impact energy, high efficiency and less air consumption.
    1. Medium Pressure DTH HammerDepending on the most premium quality raw materials and the best-in-class processing technology, the down-the-hole drilling tool is featured by more stable performance and longer service life.
    1. High Pressure DTH HammerThis kind of DTH hammer is designed with a powerful blowing system which makes full use of the high pressure air to blow rock dust and slag out of the hole so as to make the hole bottom clean.
    1. High Pressure DTH Hammer, S SeriesThe well drilling equipment comes with larger power of single impact, thus ensuring faster penetration. As compared with other fast hammers, it features 10% higher drilling efficiency.
    1. Reverse Circulation DTH HammerThe reverse circulation DTH hammer provides large impact energy and high energy transfer efficiency while ensuring low energy consumption.

The SPM DTH hammer is suitable for use in various medium to high hardness strata. It is an essential tool in any drilling rigs. Here we list some of the benefits involved using Superman DTH hammer.

1) Extensive applications;
2) Only need moderate bit pressure (900~3000kg), without having to use heavy stem, so it is possible for smaller drill rig to drill deeper holes;
3) Short and fast impact frequency minimizes the influence of crumbly or tilted strata, and thereby ensures straight drill holes;
4) Much less torque load on drill string than continuous rotary drilling tool, as well as much slower drilling speed that is normally 10~60rpm.
5) Exhaust gas from the DTH hammer can flows through the bit to clean up the bottom of drill hole, removing rock slag out of the hole.

Rotational Speed
1. Surface soil layer: 40-60RPM
2. Incompetent bed: 30-50RPM
3. Medium hard rock: 20-40RPM
4. Hard rock: 10-30RPM